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“I got to spend the day hanging out with my closest friends and family thanks to Flowers and Fig Co! The day was so special because I knew I had nothing to worry about (except for NOT falling down the aisle)! I can’t imagine having to do everything on my own and having to coordinate all the vendors on my wedding day. Thank you to Hannah and the girls for taking the weight off my shoulders and helping us have our dream wedding!”


Claudia + David

-December 2018

Fort Worth, TX



You know how everyone talks about how stressful your wedding day is going to be? “You’re not even going to remember it!”. Well not with Hannah! I was anticipating a day of stress and worry, but Hannah made the wedding day as easy as possible and made mine and my wife’s life infinitely easier!


You have that crazy family member that you only invited because your mom told you you should? She will watch them like a hawk and will tackle them if they do anything you don’t like. Your mother-in-law is coming in a white dress? She has a bucket of paint ready to go. I’ve never been more awestruck and intimidated than watching Hannah whip our wedding party into line. 


We made the mistake of not hiring her till close to the wedding day, so we had already gone through all the communication with vendors, but I have no doubts that Hannah would have handled everything smoothly. Don’t make the same mistake that we did with hiring her later in the game, and go ahead and stop what you’re doing, and just hire Flowers and Fig!

McKenzie + Terrin

-September 2019

Decatur, TX


"Hannah is an amazing coordinator! She is thorough, organized, personable and professional.
She understood my decor vision, articulated them better than I could, worked so well with others on my decor team and brought it together beautifully!


Our wedding day was beautiful and exactly what I imagined, thanks to Hannah and her assistant Lacey!! Hannah communicated well with me, the photographer, our minister and the DJ. Our reception ran smoothly and the minor schedule adjustments we made throughout the evening weren't even noticeable - thanks to their great coordination!

I didn't have to think about any of the small things and knew the schedule and my big day was in the best hands possible. While some might think a wedding coordinator it's an unnecessary expense, I would never want to go through a wedding without a coordinator ever. If I am every part of planning a wedding again, I would hire Flowers and Fig! Totally worth it." 

Amy + Nathan 

-February 2019

Waco, TX